Three Fundamentals to Health and Performance


Last week I had the opportunity to listen to a health and wellness Summit (Dirty Genes Summit), hosted by Dr. Ben Lynch.  It featured back to back interviews with many of the leaders in the health industry.  It was a wealth of information, and some of the most helpful takeaways for me and the athletes we work with, were how important the basics really are.  There were over forty presenters, and each one was interviewed for roughly an hour.  If you are wanting to learn more about health, genetics, epigenetics, and how you can take control of your own health, be sure to look into it.  The Summit can be purchased and used as a reference, if forty hours is too much to commit to.

Let’s talk about the basics—breathing, sleep and nutrition.  If we can get on top of these things, we will see dramatic improvements in our health and performance.

We wouldn’t last even an hour, if we did not take a breath or inhale oxygen. Often, we become so focused on what we are doing, that we either shorten our breaths or forget to breath.  By doing this, we increase the levels of cortisol in our bodies. I’d venture to say that most people need to practice their breathing. Myself included.

Sleep was another surprising find for me.  I thought sleep in terms of importance, came after nutrition and hydration.  This is clearly not the case.  In his book Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson highlights why having a good sleep is more important for a healthy body than good nutrition and hydration, combined.  Through several studies noted in the book, he highlights how sleep both boosts health, and productivity of business people and professional athletes.

These are very small snippets from only three discussions, but the last one I want to touch on, is nutrition.  We all know that feeding our bodies the right foods will not only help keep us healthy and alive longer, but help us to perform our best.  Things such as gluten, refined sugars and quantity, are subjects one may want to examine further.  Loading up daily, on a variety of produce is key.  Next, we must stay properly hydrated, and fully digest those foods. Take the time to really sit with your meals, and chew slowly.

Dr. Lynch recommends that if we want to improve any area of our health, that we begin with these three basic fundamentals.  Whether it is overcoming a cold, flu or if you need to perform  your best—start with these things simple things that you can do at home.  Once these are working well for you, you build upon them. Let’s keep striving for health, friends!


Donny Mateaki

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