Getting Back to Fundamentals


We each have goals that we want to achieve.  One obstacle which prevents us from continuing to grow, is straying from the fundamentals.  In Howard Schultz Onward, he explains how he returned to his position as the CEO of Starbucks, while they were at their worst (2007). He had noticed that the focus had been laid so heavily on growing the company, that they had gotten away from the core of the Starbucks experience. The smell of the cafe,, the taste of the coffee, the interactions that people had while they were there.  It reminded me of when Steve Jobs returned to Apple–making a decision to cut 70% of what they were doing, so they could focus on what they could be great at.


We all get side tracked in the things that we do.  Whether it is at work or at home, there’s always that tendency to lose focus of the fundamentals–and that is perfectly normal.  In the context of a sports game, we receive immediate feedback because the stress we face is immediate, calling for us to make a change.  In big business, such as like Starbucks or Apple, the market will tell us how things are going–but it is only after a period of time in which we see the effects of certain practices.


So, how do we stay true to our core while continuing to grow?

Howard Schultz and Steve Jobs both recommend sticking to what you are great at, while letting the other things take care of themselves.  At Starbucks, they got back to the coffee, people’s experiences at Starbucks, and creating complete buy-in from the baristas. At Apple, they focused on one product in each category, which gave them the chance to create something special.  We all have something that makes us extremely special in our work and homes.  Remember those things, and focus on them.  Yes we can go out and do all the things…but we must remember that it cannot take away from our core fundamentals.


We know how important it is to stay true to the fundamentals which have and continue to create great results for the people we work with.  Those are the things we will not stray from, even when presented with other enticing ideas. Contact us if you are ready to make these fundamentals a part of your life!




Donny Mateaki

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