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The Best Way to Slow Aging!

With our method of training, we are always actively seeking the best ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Those goals may have to do with speed, agility, quickness, or even staying young and fit as long as possible.  We always aim to not only achieve their goals, but to also keep people safe […]

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Why We All Need to Compete

I really enjoy playing sports.  Although my collegiate time has ended, and I do not receive monetary compensation for my athletic efforts, I still believe in the benefits of competing in a sport. It doesn’t matter which sport it is–basketball, soccer, track, weight lifting, swimming, speed walking, marathons, iron man…or whatever.  The most important thing, is that […]

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Extreme Ownership

I just got done reading Extreme Ownership by two Navy Seals (Leif Babin & Jacko Willink).  In the book they talk about how in order for a team to operate at its highest level, the leaders have to take responsibility for everything that happens, especially the failures.  Their point is that only when you take […]

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Follow a Proven Model

The easiest way to emulate something, is to follow the way it has been done.  Without attempting to reinvent the wheel, take a hard look at what successful people are already doing, and stick to the process. There are so many times when it’s important to forge new pathways and figure out things on our own.  […]

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The Most Important Part of Sports for Kids

In the arena of youth sports, I’ve noticed a trend which is a bit unsettling. Youth sports are becoming increasingly more competitive–causing parents, coaches and the youth themselves, to take things a little too far.  AAU teams are now beginning at extremely young ages–and I’d venture to say that it’s to our detriment. According to Sam […]

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