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How to Win Everything You Do!

Winning in sports or in any competition has been touted as the goal for all of us.  Now the question is how do we win while everyone else wins as well?  The truth is that we cannot all win every competition we participate in but we can do our best.  When we give something our […]

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Why We All Need A “Process”

Every successful coach I have studied from John Wooden, Pete Carroll, Nick Saban and many others, they all have what they call a process.  Looking at it from a distance I realize this “process” is their own system of doing things.  No matter what sport or even in other fields (teaching, business, etc) all the […]

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More Sleep = Better Performance

We are taught from a young age that we need to sacrifice certain things if we want to accomplish our goals.  Most of us keep the same mentality into our adult lives.  When we get busy with work, family and the rest of life, the thing most of us sacrifice first is sleep.  We start […]

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How to Achieve Your Goals

Accomplishing goals are extremely rewarding and gratifying.  There are several ways to accomplish your goals and we want to go over a couple that we use to help our athletes achieve their goals.  First of all we ask what goals are they trying to accomplish.  We write it down and then come up with a […]

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How to Create Winning Habits

Habits are something that we start without even thinking of it.  Usually we do things we have done since we were kids, in high school and in college.  People rarely change out of habits once they hit their thirties unless they make a strategic effort to do so.  Good habits like exercising, reading and planning, […]

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