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Positive Self Talk

Many people doubt themselves.  They sabotage their own efforts by telling themselves they can’t do something, before even trying to do it.  Why does this happen? Is it a learned habit? Something that’s been passed down from parents, friends, coaches, or teachers?   There have been over thirty independent studies performed on how self-talk affects the […]

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How We Eliminated ACL Injuries for Our Athletes

ACL injuries are a big problem in sports.  Every year there is about 200,000 ACL surgeries that take place in this country.  We have had no non contact ACL injuries since we implemented our system 7 years ago.   How do we do it?   The image above is how we approach training our athletes […]

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Getting Over Mental Barriers

Sometimes, to achieve your potential, you must first travel through some discomfort. Knowing this ahead of time, can possibly make it easier when adversity does arise–knowing that it’s part of the process.  However, some of the most difficult challenges to overcome, are the mental barriers we place on ourselves and our team. Let’s take the famed John […]

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Why Taking Responsibility is Powerful

Blame. It’s something that we have all struggled with, at one point or another. Taking ownership for our choices and actions, can often feel like a burden too heavy to bear.  Yet, pointing the finger at others, is completely and utterly unproductive. While it’s important to take note of the circumstances we are in, and […]

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The Power of Action

There are several things that one can do to see accomplishment.  They can plan, maintain a positive attitude, refuse to give up, and arrive early.  However, the actual act of taking action is the key component which needs to enter the scene.    It may sound simple, but it is more commonly overlooked than we’d like […]

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