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College Athletics is a Business

We are extremely fortunate, that we are able to help athletes achieve their goals of playing well in high school, earn scholarships and make it to the Collegiate and professional levels.  Our athletes often report back about how different College is because of the business demeanor associated with everything that involves their sport.  Meetings, workouts […]

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Ten Minutes a Day

You can draw a lot of power, from just ten minutes a day.  In College, I would spend ten minutes a day working on my performance weaknesses.  It resulted in my ability to not only play the run, but also use the proper technique.  This stemmed from the advice of a very dear position coach. […]

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The Ability to Change

We each have our own routines and ways of doing things.  Often times, we are so familiar with our ways, that we can do most things as if on auto pilot. Of course this means we aren’t fully engaged, which becomes problematic when it negatively affects our  significant other, family, and friends. It may even […]

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Summer Sport Camps

During the months leading up to Summer, I am frequently asked about which camps would be the most beneficial for students? The majority of the athletes we work with, aspire to play sports at the College level, so deciding on the right camp is critical.  My answer changes depending on what sport at hand, and the level […]

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The Best Way to Slow Aging!

With our method of training, we are always actively seeking the best ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Those goals may have to do with speed, agility, quickness, or even staying young and fit as long as possible.  We always aim to not only achieve their goals, but to also keep people safe […]

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