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The Proper Way to Breath

At DM Athletics, are we ever not looking for ways that our athletes can have the competitive edge when they compete?! It’s amazing to me, just how much the small things matter in performance.  For instance, I was unaware of the fact that there is a proper way to breath, in order to recover faster and […]

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Can You Touch Your Toes

The inability to touch ones toes, is a common problem we see in both young and adult athletes. The popular notion is that people believe they need to stretch their hamstrings out, in order to improve this. This is not true.  The reason lies within hip and lower back issues needing to be addressed.  It […]

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Three Fundamentals to Health and Performance

Last week I had the opportunity to listen to a health and wellness Summit (Dirty Genes Summit), hosted by Dr. Ben Lynch.  It featured back to back interviews with many of the leaders in the health industry.  It was a wealth of information, and some of the most helpful takeaways for me and the athletes […]

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Step 7: Engrained

 In Dr. Young’s final step, he discusses the ingraining of habits.  When  we build positive habits towards our goal, they become habits we rarely need to think about.  They stick easier, and they’re easy to return to at a hair-trigger.  It’s important to remember, that not only does it make them easier to do, but it […]

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Step 6: Captivating

Dr. Young’s sixth suggestion is to create something captivating and engaging,while continuing to do the things you need to do in order to achieve your goal.  People will continue their habits, if they feel rewarded for doing them.  This is precisely why people constantly check their social media after making a post, use coupons and […]

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