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Follow a Proven Model

The easiest way to emulate something, is to follow the way it has been done.  Without attempting to reinvent the wheel, take a hard look at what successful people are already doing, and stick to the process. There are so many times when it’s important to forge new pathways and figure out things on our own.  […]

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The Most Important Part of Sports for Kids

In the arena of youth sports, I’ve noticed a trend which is a bit unsettling. Youth sports are becoming increasingly more competitive–causing parents, coaches and the youth themselves, to take things a little too far.  AAU teams are now beginning at extremely young ages–and I’d venture to say that it’s to our detriment. According to Sam […]

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Learning Through Reading

As a child, I was not a fan of reading.  It was presented to me as something that I was had to do, in order to pass tests and classes.  I cannot recall a single time spanning from grade school through University, that I felt reading was fun. I definitely wasn’t losing track of time while […]

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Exercise, The Medicine We All Need

There are so many benefits to exercising it is hard to list them all.  Studies are continually proving just how beneficial it is for not only our health, but the ways in which our brain function as we age.  Below, is a diagram of the benefits of exercise as we age.   As you can […]

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Getting Back to Fundamentals

We each have goals that we want to achieve.  One obstacle which prevents us from continuing to grow, is straying from the fundamentals.  In Howard Schultz Onward, he explains how he returned to his position as the CEO of Starbucks, while they were at their worst (2007). He had noticed that the focus had been laid so […]

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