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Pac 12 Champs!

  I am extremely excited that the University of Washington football team won the Pac 12 championship mainly because I played there.  When I was recruited to the University of Washington that was the goal we talked about from when I was recruited, while I played and even every year after I left.  We won […]

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How to Bring Your Best Every Day

It sounds like a great concept and should be easy to execute but in actuality, bringing your best effort everyday to whatever you do is difficult to accomplish.  In athletics, school, work and even with your family.  We might love all the things in our lives immensely but approaching every aspect of our life with […]

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Happiness Comes First

We sometimes get mistaken that we will be happy after achieving a certain goal; whether it is winning a game, championship, receiving a promotion or closing a sale.  This seems logical but when we look at the research it is not the case.  In a review of 225 studies on happiness and success, researchers found […]

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Performing Your Best Under Pressure

In game situations there are times when things get extremely stressful.  When it is tied or your team is losing by not much and there is only a minute left to score.  Or playing a rival and wanting to perform your best.  These moments either help us to perform our best or debilitate us and […]

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Focus on Simple Daily Actions

There are a lot of things out there that promote just do this or follow a couple easy steps to success but in actuality most of it is just sales tactics trying to sell you the next thing.  There are very few things that are life changing which you can purchase but one thing that […]

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