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Step 7: Engrained

 In Dr. Young’s final step, he discusses the ingraining of habits.  When  we build positive habits towards our goal, they become habits we rarely need to think about.  They stick easier, and they’re easy to return to at a hair-trigger.  It’s important to remember, that not only does it make them easier to do, but it […]

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Step 6: Captivating

Dr. Young’s sixth suggestion is to create something captivating and engaging,while continuing to do the things you need to do in order to achieve your goal.  People will continue their habits, if they feel rewarded for doing them.  This is precisely why people constantly check their social media after making a post, use coupons and […]

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Step 5: Neurohacks

In step 5 of Dr. Young’s method, he recommends neurohacks—making a small change in behavior, while letting the mind reflect on that change.  Popular thought suggests that change begins first with the mind, and then letting actions follow.  Dr. Young challenges this by suggesting that one makes small changes first, only to let the mind adapt.  […]

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Step 3: Importance

We are now in the third part of our discussion regarding Dr Young’s work.  This is a rather obvious step, but we can dive a little deeper.  Your goal must be important to you.  Sounds obvious, right? However, when Dr. Young looked at individuals who had lost a spouse or a close family member, different outcomes […]

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Step 2: Community

Dr. Sean Young’s Stick With It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life-for Good, offers scientifically proven methods to help us stick to the commitments we make to ourselves.   His suggestions can be done either solo, or in combination with the others which he maps out.   Last week we discussed setting small and simple […]

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