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How Posture Improves Performance and Ends Pain

Ever been told you have bad posture? Does your left knee lean against the door when you drive in your car?   All humans have asymmetry in their anatomy that influences the way they stand, sit, walk, run, and even breathe.  This asymmetry promotes our body to fall into patterns that negatively influence muscle function […]

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Want to Avoid ACL Injuries?

We have helped several athletes come back  and avoid non – contact ACL injuries after training with us for three months.  We have been able to do it because we follow a unique method that special to us.   As you can see in our diagram, most athletes start out by starting a sport and […]

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Coach Petersen Sends a Message

This weekend, I was shocked when I heard that Coach Petersen fired his Wide Receivers coach, Brent Pease.  It is hardly ever done in college football–especially to a guy that has been on staff for a long period of time.  Despite my shock, I believe the effect will be positive–and for reasons some may not […]

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How Jimmy Graham Injured His Knee?

Sunday was a great win for the Seahawks but we lost one of the NFL’s best tight ends in the process.  As with any injury, those in our profession always look at what could have been done to help prevent the injury from occurring.  In some cases–such as when an athlete gets hit–there is little to nothing […]

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Three Thanksgiving Tips

It’s that time of the year, when we gather with our friends and family to enjoy a great meal. Here are a couple of tips that will keep you from feeling guilty (and overstuffed) this year. It’s Thanksgiving, and a great time to enjoy yourself, your family and your friends. First, be clear on what […]

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