Exercise, The Medicine We All Need


There are so many benefits to exercising it is hard to list them all.  Studies are continually proving just how beneficial it is for not only our health, but the ways in which our brain function as we age.  Below, is a diagram of the benefits of exercise as we age.


As you can see, there are great benefits to all cognitive functions.  An overwhelming number of studies are pointing to just how important exercise is, in lowering the risk for cognitive decline and dementia.  The greatest improvement is seen with executive cognition function–which involves tasks such as planning, scheduling, inhibition, and working memory. This is key, as executive cognitive processes are that which suffer the most with ageing.

Now is the time to start your exercise routine.  It’s easy to get motivated, but in order to guarantee that you follow through, you must make exercise a part of your daily routine.  Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to begin, and then increase from there.  Contact us now, if you are ready to take the next step in your health.


Donny Mateaki

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